Thursday, 21 March 2013


This foundation has been raved about all over the blogosphere and as I had just ran out of my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation I decided to give in and buy both the Rimmel Wake me up foundation and concealer.

Foundation - £8.99 Concealer - £5.49

I have been using these two products for about 3-4 weeks now and I completely understand why everyone is obsessed with this foundation. It has a subtle shimmer running through it which really helps to create the awake and dewy look which is a look that I tend to go for more than the matte look. This is definitely a medium coverage foundation however it could be built up to become more full coverage which is great for when your having a bad skin day and a couple of those pesky spots have cropped up and you can really build it up to help conceal your blemishes. I will most definitely be re-buying this foundation when it runs out as I think it pretty much has everything I am looking for in a foundation!

 After I have raved so much about the foundation I am now regrettably about to say how I found the concealer a little disappointing as it was not as full coverage as I would hope as it is quite a light concealer which makes  it not great for concealing blemishes, so I suppose I'll just stick to my Collection (previously known as Collection 2000) Lasting Perfection Concealer!

However, even though this concealer is not very good for concealing blemishes I do like to use it for under my eyes, which I have a feeling it may have originally been created for, as I find that it really helps to cover up dark circles. This is because it is quite a brightening concealer therefore it helps to counteract the darkness under my eyes. I wouldn't say that this is the best concealer that I've ever tried and I think that the Collection concealer is a lot more effective for blemishes but I will carry on using it for under my eyes as I think that it really helps. So even though I found the concealer quite disappointing I think that the foundation is well worth checking out!

What's your favourite concealer and foundation?


  1. Hi there, just came across your blog and it's really great. I love this post, i love that concealer! :)

    Now following you! :)

    I haven't blogged in ages and finally wrote a post today, would really appreciate it if you could check it out, thank you :)


  2. we love the wake me up foundation and use it every day! But the concealer isn't available in australia funnily enough!

  3. This sounds amazing my mum always uses this and I pinch some but find it very orange on my pale skin but it looks great on normal skin complexions :) x

  4. That concealer sounds so disappointing! I am forever on the look out for the perfect high street concealer. I love the Collection lasting Perfection one, but the shades just aren't right and I'm sick of mixing light and medium to get a colour match! xx